So getting the nerve to start this blog has been a work in progress, to say the least. I have needed some serious fortitude to get it up and going. Sitting down and recording all the amazing and not-so-amazing thoughts I have is beyond intimidating! HA! I even tried this summer with a personal blog that show-cased my husband’s and my crafty ambitions….Like the fairy garden contest we entered… with our very first miniature/fairy garden; needless to say, we didn’t win…and I didn’t start writing regularly.

Well now, here I go. I am starting this blog. About me: Well…that will be a bit of an ongoing process because I do not have the time or willpower to catalog my decades of existence. For now I am nearing the end of my coursework at Eastern Michigan University for my degree of Doctor of Philosophy with a concentration in Urban Education. I will soon be entering the most dreaded part of the program…competency exams (comps)…this is the make it or break it, I think. I will have 30 days to prove to the University and my Advisor that I know my material; then I will become ABD (all but dissertation) and begin the process of writing my dissertation. I am in the process of formulating my exact dissertation topic, but I am interested in the Urban Agriculture Movement and what educating with a philosophy of place and stewardship looks like in Detroit.

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